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Ground Angels

I was reading the paper that fateful day,
When a voice inside me seemed to say;
“Keep reading, you’ll find it. It’s there; you’ll see,
Turning pages, the bold letters jumped out at me.
“Volunteers Needed,” the large caption read;
And the longing I felt had finally been fed.

As I reflect on those memories of mine,
I remember others’ help in my difficult time;
Colors of purple, green, rose, and blue,
Bring one much closer to the clue.
The Zones, they are called, in that healing place;
The people there filled with love and with grace.

Scared and not knowing what lay ahead,
My daughter and I had nothing to dread;
For we were surrounded by volunteers, you see,
Whose love and support was what we would need.
As they cared for my loved one, my course was set,
To return what they had given, but not just yet;

Not certain which path it would eventually be,
I would search for how to repay volunteers at M.D.
There is a happy ending to my story today,
And my daughter is cancer free I am blessed to say.
That dreaded journey led me to face,
That my help is needed and I know the place.

The GROUND ANGELS is the route that I chose,
Each day I am thankful, and why do you suppose?
It’s because I can give back to all who helped me,
And lift people’s spirits in their time of need.
Whose hand do you think played the main part,
In the creation of this union from the start?

When that demon cancer raised its ugly head,
“God, why have you forsaken me? Take me instead.”
He took me in his arms and said, “I love you and I care!
Just look at the people who are assisting you down there!
Each one I sent you – from doctors to family;
They are there to show love, and they were sent by ME!”

If you hear the calling, the tugging at your heart,
Do not turn a deaf ear, for it may be your turn to start;
That wonderful journey where each of us can be,
A part of God’s plan – a Ground Angel to those in need.

Volunteers Needed – Can you help?

Cynthia Schuelke, Ground Angel Volunteer
Pearland, Texas

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