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Houston Ground Angels News

January 16, 2012

In recent years the number of air transportation requests we receive has declined greatly. There are many private and corporate organizations throughout the US who provide free air transportation into the Houston area and we interact and partner with them on a daily bases. The overall HGA air mission requests we receive at this time represent less than 1% of our total mission requests.

Based on these facts the Houston Ground Angels Board of Directors has unanimously decided to no longer accept air mission requests and focus totally on areas that will better serve our patients and their ground transportation needs.

We will assist in any way possible those patients looking for air transportation by referring them to the organizations we partner with who provide air transportation but we will no longer coordinate or post air missions on our web site.

The Board of Directors
Houston Ground Angels

January 13, 2012

It is my pleasure to tell you that we have a replacement for Ken Knox on the Board of Directors.

Bill Barnes was nominated and elected via an e-mail ballot.

Bill will fill the unexpired term which ends December 31, 2012.

Bill joined Houston Ground Angels November, 2010 and in the 13 months has completed more than 150 missions. Bill is retired from the University of Houston where he was a Proffesor of Political Science. His background includes Sales and Marketing positions, and a network of service club contacts. He has already made presentations to Rotary and Lions clubs on behalf of Houston Ground Angels.

Dick Moynihan

December 27, 2011

Ken Knox resign from the Houston Ground Angels Board of Directors because of Medical reasons.
We all know that our health is more important than almost anything else.
Therefore, we have accepted Ken's request, effective immediately.

Our Best Wishes go to Ken as we anticipate a speeedy recovery.

Dick Moynihan

October 6, 2011

It is with great pleasure that I advise you that Pam Keffer has been elected to the Houston Ground Angels Board of Directors.
Pam will complete the term of Jan Zieche who recently moved out of the Houston area.
Her term runs to December 31, 2012.

Dick Moynihan

February 1, 2011

It is with deep disappointment that I advise you of Bob Erbrick's resignation from the Board of Directors of Houston Ground Angels.

We at HGA are most appreciative of the time, effort and contributions that Bob has made to the organization. In fact, many of the avenues we are proceeding with today to insure the health of HGA were first suggested by Bob.

Thank you Bob.
God Speed and Best Wishes to you for everything you do in the future.

December 2009

December 31, 2009---Philip Thomas, a member of the Board of Directors for Houston Ground Angels, has opted to not run for a second term. Philip is not only President of Precision Paper & Board, but, is President of Pilots for Patients as well, both based in Monroe, Louisiana. Philip was recently named one of eight 2009 Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Louisiana award winners out of 61 nominees along with receiving an award from Profiles in Caring of which a video of can be found on the Pilots for Patients website www.pilotsforpatients.org. This video includes the wonderful success of Pilots for Patients and the great works of Houston Ground Angels featuring Diane Merrill who has been a volunteer for HGA since 2007. Philip will continue to work with HGA as needed and be one of our valued volunteer pilots.

We want to thank Philip for his passion for what we are doing and all of his help and encouragement during his time spent on our board. We wish him well and look forward to building an even stronger relationship between Pilots for Patients and the Houston Ground Angels to provide free healthcare access to patients in need of transportation to and from their healthcare facilities.

January 2009

January 1, 2009---We are pleased to announce the election of Messrs. John Jacobi and Richard P. "Dick" Moynihan to the Board of Directors.

Both of these gentlemen have been flying missions for Houston Ground Angels for some time and are welcomed into their expanded leadership roles. To read more about them please visit the Board of Directors page.

December 2007

December 6, 2007---We are pleased to announce the election of Messrs. Philip Thomas and Robert Erbrick to the Board of Directors of Houston Ground Angels.

Both of these gentlemen have been flying missions for Houston Ground Angels for some time and are welcomed into their expanded leadership roles. Their experience, business acumen and commitment to the humanitarian needs of others should lend itself well to our goals.

Please visit the Board of Directors page to learn more about these gentlemen.

December 6, 2007--We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kathy Cardiff as Mission Coordinator.

Kathy has been a faithful Ground Angel for more than two years and will work closely with Pete Peterson in his role as Director of Operations. During 2007, Houston Ground Angels has almost doubled the number of missions for the previous year. This has resulted from the commitment and tireless effort of our many Ground Angels and Pilots that make up our all volunteer organization.




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