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News is the communication of information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience.

The Houston Ground Angels have been recognized and honored by various news papers in print and the internet for Who We Are and What We Do! .
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Three Questions For...

Jimmy Frels GIVEs through the Houston Ground Angels

When not at work – Enjoys spending time in the Texas Hill Country, riding motorcycles and taking it easy

Who are the Houston Ground Angels, and how did you get involved with them?

The Ground Angels are a network of volunteers who provide their vehicles, fuel and time to transport patients who otherwise might not have a way or funds to get to and from the hospital or clinic where they’re receiving treatment or therapy. I began volunteering with the American Cancer Society in a very similar program, Road to Recovery, but needed to find a program that offered a little more flexibility. I was introduced to the Ground Angels about eight years ago and found that this program better fit my schedule.

What do you do for the organization?

Often, I’ll transport patients between the Texas Medical Center and Bush Intercontinental Airport. Conoco Phillips has a program in which open seats on their corporate planes are made available to cancer patients. I help transport them once they land or get them back to the airport after their treatment. I also have the privilege of transporting children to the Ronald McDonald House, where families are provided with housing to remain close to their children who need medical treatment. It is a truly inspiring program. I typically drive Sundays and Friday afternoons when I have the chance, so I don’t get to see many repeat patients or build deep relationships, but it is great to see how precious life has become to patients who have overcome sickness. Also, we keep track of our volunteer services by “missions,” so each drive, or mission, we make is logged into an online database. Through CNP’s GIVE program, I was able to present the Houston Ground Angels with a $300 grant, and I hope to have enough hours this year to give another.

How can CenterPoint Energy employees get involved?

Different charities that benefit the Houston Ground Angels are posted on their website, but the best way to offer support is to volunteer as a driver. Patients from all over the United States come into various Houston airports to get treatment for cancer and other illnesses, so having volunteers from diverse geographical areas helps a lot. The more CNP volunteers we have, the more opportunities to earn GIVE grants. The Angels’ website also has a link for making donations.

On Angels’ Wings
July, 2009


TOUCH DOWN-Christian Billingsley, 14, arrives on a private plane from New Orleans for his appointment at Texas Children's. Pilot Larry Lehmann is a memberof the Ground Angels, a group of volunteerpilots and drivers who transport patients to the Texas Medical Center. (Photo by Jamie Farquhar)

July 15, 2009
On Angels' Wings: Volunteer Pilots Deliver Patients to Medical Appointments

By RONDA WENDLER Texas Medical Center News

He's only 14, but already Christian Billingsley is a regular jet-setter. Several times a year, Christian flies from his New Orleans area home to Houston, where he's treated at Texas Children's Hospital for a rare kidney disease.

"Flying's cool!" said the spunky, soon-to-be eighth grader. "It's fast and it's fun."

Christian's flights are courtesy of the Houston Ground Angels, a nonprofit organization of volunteer pilots and drivers who transport patients to the Texas Medical Center. The Angels use their personal funds by providing their own cars, planes and gasoline to fly patients from all over Texas and surrounding states to hospitals and doctors' appointments in the Texas Medical Center. ... >>More

September, 2009


Cheryl Soper, Skip Morgan,
Bruce & Tanya Beck

April 22, 2010
Bruce Alan Michael Beck, 58, of Amarillo died Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bruce Beck's heart fills the pages of Amarillo's scrapbooks. For a half-dozen of his 29 years at the Amarillo Globe-News, the 58-year-old Beck moved through the community like a proud parent and trusted friend, chronicling for the Our Town section moments of life to be clipped, savored and remembered.
Beck, who died Thursday at his Amarillo home after a prolonged battle with cancer, shared his own life, too, and his subjects and readers embraced him. Columns provided readers with glimpses of the New York street kid, the former Marine, the Poppy smitten by his young granddaughter, the wrangler of the Fearless Feline Foursome. Most poignantly, they recorded the thoughts of a husband grateful for his "angel-in-chief on Earth," wife Tanya, especially during his two-year battle with cancer. >>More

Published August 31, 2009
By Stephanie Thomas
Where some see an ordinary man, others see an angel - human in form, to be sure, and unobtrusive in manner, but generous, kind, and always there in times of need. And like any respectable Angel, Skip Morgan comes complete with his own set of wings. ... >>More

Greg & Peter
Greg Engel & Peter Laing

August, 2009


Published August 9, 2009
By Mary Openshaw
If a person is willing to give someone a lift to the hospital, they might find it lifts their own spirits, too. Houston Ground Angels, a network of volunteers that drives in state and out-of-state patients, often cancer patients, from the airport to doctor's appointments in the Houston Medical Center, needs volunteers in Brazoria County. ... >>More
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